Network-centric Middleware
for GrOup communication and Resource Sharing
across Heterogeneous Embedded Systems


Information Society Technologies

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News and Events
The latest news and events from the MORE project
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21.12.2010 MORE Middleware in Action: Live Telemetry for Formula Student
22.06.2010 Presentation on Policy-Driven Service Group Management in Riccione, Italy (3 days)
03.09.2009 Impressions from Future Internet of Things and Services Workshop 2009 in Berlin, Germany
02.08.2009 IST-MORE on YouTube
13.07.2009 The MORE Consortium organizes FITS 2009 - Workshop on Future Internet of Things and Services
25.06.2009 Final Review Meeting for the European Commission in Paris, France (2 days)
16.06.2009 Presentation on Dynamic Web Service Orchestration in Dublin, Ireland (4 days)
04.06.2009 Film Production on the IST-MORE Project started in Dresden, Germany (2 days)
19.05.2009 Presentation on Web Service and P2P Protocol Performance in Osnabrueck, Germany (2 days)
11.05.2009 Field Test of Chronic Care - Health Monitoring scenario started in Debrecen, Hungary
02.03.2009 MORES: MORE Services Website launched
26.01.2009 4th Review Meeting at the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium (2 days)
21.01.2009 First drop of field testing for the MORE middleware prototype in Dresden, Germany (2 days)
01.12.2008 Experience Exchange Workbook published
31.10.2008 MORE Test Protocol published
21.10.2008 MORE Project Presentation at the ITEA Symposium 2008 in Rotterdam, Netherlands (2 days)
23.09.2008 Work Package 500 Kick-Off Meeting in Waterford, Ireland (2 days)
16.09.2008 Presentation on Web Service Protocol Performance on Embedded Systems in Munich, Germany (5 days)
19.08.2008 Details about the Project Website published
25.07.2008 Presentation of the Adaptive Middleware Concepts of MORE with regard to Cardiac Health Care
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