Network-centric Middleware
for GrOup communication and Resource Sharing
across Heterogeneous Embedded Systems


Information Society Technologies

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Experience Exchange Workbook published | Print |
The Deliverable 6.4: 'Experience Exchange Workbook' was published by the MORE team. You can download this public deliverable in our Public Deliverables section.

The purpose of this deliverable is to introduce the Experience Exchange Workbook established within the MORE consortium. It has been conducted as a Web 2.0 online Wiki platform. The idea of this approach is to enable and actively motivate all involved partners to regularly contribute to current discussions and share their experience and knowledge with other partners. The Wiki platform offers a set of convenient functions, which simplify the process of exchanging expertise and staying up-to-date with ongoing discussions.

This deliverable gives an overview of all general topics, which have been addressed through the Wiki. Its major focus is on internal dissemination of knowledge / experience and management purposes. Next to the contents of the Wiki this deliverable also addresses the general process of exchanging experiences within a collaborative group and introduces the MediaWiki system from a user’s perspective as a Wiki platform.

The Wiki has been initially set up only internally to get a feel for possible questions of users and developers. These experiences are respected in the user and developer guides and also published on the final MORE website at the end of the project, when the MORE middleware will be offered to the public. Current plans are that the future website will also offer this information through a Wiki- and Blog-based system.

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