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Presentation on Dynamic Web Service Orchestration in Dublin, Ireland (4 days) | Print |

Followingthepublication "Dynamic Web Service Orchestration applied to the Device Profile for Web Services in Hierarchical Networks" the MORE Middleware Service Chaining approach is presented at the Fourth International Conference on Communication System Software and Middleware (COMSWARE) on 16th - 19th of June 2009 in Dubline, Ireland.

Dynamic Web Service Orchestration applied to the Device Profile for Web Services in Hierarchical Networks

Abstract - Based on the idea of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), Web Services paved the way for open and flexible interaction between heterogeneous systems with a loose coupling between service endpoints. The Device Profile for Web Services (DPWS) implements a subset of WS-* specifications in order to make the advantages of the Web Service architecture available to a growing embedded systems market. In this paper we are proposing a service orchestration mechanism applied to services on top of a DPWS-based middleware. The approach is complementary to the rather complex and resource intensive Web Service Business Process Execution Language (WS-BPEL) and focuses on service orchestration on resource constrained devices deployed in hierarchical network topologies. We validate our service orchestration concept through its resource consumption and illustrate its seamless integration into the service development cycle based on the underlying DPWS-compliant middleware.

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