About MORE

MORE is a cross-platform and service oriented middleware for distributed communication systems allowing for dynamic service deployment in pervasive environments. MORE enables efficient service development for devices like smartphones, mid-sized embedded systems and normal PCs.

The MORE middleware is based on the work conducted during the IST-MORE Project funded by the European Union in the 6th Framework Programme. It builds upon a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based on a set of base technologies like the Device Profile for Web Services (DPWS), Open Services Gateway initiative (OSGi) and JXTA - a Peer-to-Peer Framework. The middleware encapsulates the functionality of DPWS, OSGi and JXTA, enhances them with a set of added-value services and offers an easy to use API to service developers. The added-value services being offered through the means of the middleware are focusing on:

  • Core Management (Service Lifecycle Management)
  • Group Communication
  • Resource Management
  • SOAP2Binary Message Transcoding (uSOA Proxy Service)
  • Security Services
  • Service Chaining (Service Compostion)
  • Communication Priorization

The middleware is tailored towards Embedded Systems and runs on any J2ME CDC compliant device. The project includes some exemplary services and applications building upon the MORE middleware which are tailored towards monitoring applications for the field of environmental mitigation management and pervasive healthcare (diabetes monitoring).

MORE Technology Background:

The Device Profile for Web Services identifies a minimal set of Web Service specifications tailored towards the needs and capabilities of embedded devices in order to allow for a base level of interoperability between devices and standard Web Services. The Java-based DPWS stack utilized for the MORE middleware currently supports the WS-Addressing, WS-Discovery, WS-Transfer, and WS-Eventing specifications. The support of WS-Eventing implements a publish/subscribe mechanism which allows devices to subscribe to asynchronous messages (events) triggered by a given service. The MORE middleware is based on the DPWS4J implementation from www.soa4d.org.

All services being developed on top of the MORE middleware are developed as OSGi bundles being compliant to the OSGi R4 platform specification (e.g. Apache Felix, Eclipse Equinox). OSGi bundles are the behavioural components of OSGi. They can contain applications or libraries that can share functionalities via services to other bundles that are located on the same node. OSGi manages the life-cycle of each bundle enabling to start/stop services during runtime and to perform on-the-fly service updates.

The MORE middleware also offers a binding between the Peer-to-Peer network JXTA and DPWS. This enables local and remote JXTA services to be represented and discoverable as local DPWS services.